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After having dealt with over 300 brands in 10 countries for more than ten years, the experts of Point Blank Mediaworks (PBMW) felt that it is about time to re-look into the market needs.

Many expert agencies were focusing on big brands, whilst the SME market was not fully tapped in terms of Brand Importance. Taking that as an opportunity, the founder, Prasath Kanagaras who is also known as "PK" decided to assist the SMEs through Brand Mentoring Programmes which, eventually required time to develop to perfection.

Looking at the response from the SME market, they are in need of Brand Management mentoring yet the biggest barrier they face is the cost or the willingness to spend money on Brand Management.

Taking a step back, PK and his dream team decided to launch Brand Workshops catering to the affordability of the entrepreneurs in January 2019. The first three (3) workshops became a blockbuster!

After experiencing great results with amazing testimonies from the participants, PBMW has decided to bring this program forward by officially naming it as "PK Speaks".

PK Speaks is all set to begin by empowering entrepreneurs through real experiences with the mindset of right success.

This is just the beginning of a great journey!

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